C9’s Jensen cracks 2000 career LCS kills in same teamfight EG’s Danny blows past his own major milestone

Old and new blood make notch history-making kills together.

During the third game of todays second round playoff series against Evil Geniuses, Cloud9 mid laner Jensen became just the fourth player in the history of the LCS to earn 2,000 kills throughout his League of Legends career. 

With this achievement, the legendary mid laner joins Bjergsen, Doublelift, and WildTurtle as the only North American players to cross the 2,000-kill threshold. 

During the same extended teamfight in which Jensen earned his 2000th kill, Evil Geniuses AD carry Danny earned his 500th. With a mark of 4.6 kills per game across his career, Danny earned his 500th kill in just 109 games, according to the LCS.

At current pace, it will take Danny 327 games to reach the 2000-kill milestone. 

The 18-year-old made his debut for EG just over a year ago, and was named to the LCS All-Pro team earlier this month. 

Jensens 2000th kill came with a champion that made him famous during the early days of his career: LeBlanc. Across his eight seasons of professional play, Jensen has picked LeBlanc 50 times, playing the champion to the tune of a record of 39-11, while posting a KDA of 6.8 with her, according to League stats site Gol.gg

Danny, on the other hand, earned his 500th all-time kill on a champion that serves as the antithesis of his flashy, aggressive, and now-signature playstyle: Seraphine. After notching most of his career kills via highlight-reel-worthy plays with hyper carries like Jinx, Tristana, and Ezreal, Danny dialed it back against C9, earning his 500th kill while playing a supportive healer in the bottom lane. 

Yesterday, Bjergsen passed Doublelift with his 2,274th career kill to hold sole possession of the record for most kills all-time in the LCS. 

Both Jensen and Danny will continue to have chances to rack up kills on the LCS stage this summer, as each team is still in contention for the North American leagues title. 

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