Bungie wins millions in lawsuit against a Destiny 2 cheat-maker who failed to even respond

Aim-hacks don't work in a court of law.

Destiny 2 developer Bungie took home another victory today among ongoing battles against cheat-makers in its game, and the developer was awarded way more than Glimmer to spend in the Tower.

New court documents from May 8, first spotted by Stephen Totilo of Axios, reveal that Bungie has been awarded $6.7 million in a suit against cheat seller Lavicheats. And it turns out the defendant in the case never even responded to the lawsuit.

In the suit, Bungie said it has spent over $2 million combating cheaters like Lavicheats, which were downloaded over 1,700 times, according to Totilo.

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This is Bungie’s second win in court against makers of cheats this year, after being awarded $4.3 million in February in a suit against cheat seller AimJunkies, who were found to be “infringing Bungies copyrights and trademarks, circumventing technological measures protecting access to Destiny 2, and breaching and inducing other players to breach Bungies Limited Software License Agreement.

Bungie has kept its legal counsel busy in recent years, suing multiple sellers of cheats and hacks that have been plaguing Destiny 2 but going as far as to sue one streamer for harassing developers as well.

In our view, removing harassment and abuse from our community is not only the right thing to do, it is also good business, Bungie’s general counsel Don McGowan said in August 2022. This is an issue that impacts many studios across the industry, and it is critical to deal with it to maintain a healthy and happy community that wants to play your game.

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With multiple victories racked up in Bungie’s favor, cheat-makers and those looking to gain an advantage in Destiny 2 must now be thinking twice before downloading or selling any kind of hack.

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