Bungie ‘investigating’ connectivity issues for Destiny players

There is no light here, Guardian.

Bungie is investigating an issue that is preventing Destiny and Destiny 2 players from logging into the game, according to its support page, Bungie Help. Bungie acknowledged the issue at 10:47am CT today, and developers have been looking for a solution since.

Bungie’s latest update at 2:12pm CT said the company was “continuing to investigate” the issues, and promised to keep players updated.

Status-reporting website DownDetector picked up a peak of issues reported around the time as Bungie’s official announcement. Downdetector’s data suggests that the situation has been gradually improving as the day continues, with reports of issues from Destiny 2 players going down drastically over time. Though these outages have affected thousands of players, many can still access the game as its activities.

This story is developing.

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