Bungie and Epic make crossover between Destiny, Fortnite, and Fall Guys official

Get ready for crossovers, Guardian.

During Destiny 2s Lightfall reveal event, Bungie also made the announcement that the game is coming to the Epic Games Store. And to celebrate the Bungie title joining forces with some of the most popular multiplayer games on the market, crossovers are coming to Destiny 2, Fortnite, and Fall Guys.

The collaboration between the three games will see crossover cosmetics released in all of them at different points throughout August and September.

First up is Destiny 2 itself, which will receive some iconic Fortnite skins that players can equip to their Titans, Hunters, or Warlocks. These skins were previously found in leaks by several prominent Fortnite insiders and data miners, and todays announcement video confirmed the authenticity of the skins that will be present in Destiny 2.

Similarly, Fortnite players will have the option to play as some iconic Destiny characters beginning today. The battle royale will feature outfits that will let players dress as Zavala, Ikora, or the Exo Stranger as they run across the island and search for Victory Royales. There are also smaller cosmetics from Destiny that players can unlock, such as Ghost back blings and several different harvesting tools fashioned after melee weapons from the Bungie games. Players can even unlock Sparrows to use as their glider.

And if that wasnt enough, Fall Guys players can also get in on the action on Sept. 17, when more Destiny cosmetics make their way to the worlds silliest game show. Players can unlock skins from each of Destinys three classes, and it looks like theyll be able to get some Ghost emotes along the way as well.

Knowing both Fortnite and Fall Guys, chances seem good that at least one of the games will get some bonus game modes or in-game promotional events to coincide with the release of the Destiny cosmetics, further sweetening the deal for players of the games. For now, players will just have to wait for that update to finish downloading, and they should be able to start enjoying the crossover in both Destiny 2 and Fortnite.

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