Bullet drop indicators and mobility: Vantage’s kit is a sniper’s dream in Apex Legends

Guess we're back to blaming our missed shots on the lag.

Fans who prefer long-range engagements in Apex Legends may have a new main when season 14 drops. Vantage, the game’s newest legend, has a kit that favors long-range engagements and intel-gathering to support her team, with a mobility-based tactical that will offer players room for creativity.

Vantage grew up on the inhospitable planet of Págos, hunting and scavenging for food alongside her mother. Her kit reflects that background with nods to her sniping prowess and Vantage bringing her own customized sniper rifle, which she uses in her ultimate.

Her passive, Spotter’s Lens, allows Vantage to zoom in with her eyepiece “when unarmed or with higher-magnification scopes” and obtain essential information, according to legend designer and engineer Chris Winder. This includes shield levels and how many enemies are still alive. And since Apex relies on teamwork, Vantage can share that information with the rest of her squad.

Apex also brings bullet drop, and Vantage brings her own solution. As part of her passive, her eyepiece will also display a bullet drop indication on higher-magnification scopes, Winder confirmed, which will make it easier for players to land shots from afar.

Vantage’s tactical, on the other hand, allows her to set down her bat, Echo, in specific locations. She can then use her modified jetpack to lunge toward him, allowing her to move instead of taking the usual hunkered-down role snipers often take. Vantage will become an easy-to-spot target mid-air, but she can maneuver a bit while using her Echo Relocation ability.

A pet bat isn’t the only outside help Vantage will bring to the Games. She also has her custom sniper with her, which she uses in her ultimate, Sniper’s Mark. Unlike other abilities, Vantage’s ult doesn’t require players to wait for the full charge to build up before they can whip out her signature weapon. Instead, the rounds in her ultimate charge over time (up to five rounds), and you can use it whenever you have ammo for it.

With just 50 damage on the first shot, Vantage’s ultimate may not be players’ first choice for instantly downing an opponent, but landing a bullet on a foe will make them more vulnerable to damage from your entire team and display a diamond indicator over their heads, so players know who to focus first. On subsequent shots, Vantage’s sniper will deal 100 damage to marked enemies, making it a deadly weapon.

Much like how Rampart offers bonuses for those who want to pick up LMGs, Vantage has a few tricks up her sleeves when it comes to sniper rifles. Players can try Vantage for themselves when Apex‘s season 14, Hunted, launches on Aug. 9.

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