Bug fixed: Wraith no longer impacted by Newcastle’s Castle Wall following Apex Legends hotfix

Meanwhile, Loba is still waiting for her tactical to be fixed.

A new hotfix has resolved various bugs related to Newcastle, the latest Apex Legends character Newcastle, Respawn Entertainment indicated on its Trello board on May 23.

One of these bugs gave an unfair advantage to the legend since it allowed his ultimate to stun Wraith even while she was using her phasing tactical.

Players will have to download a small patch that will take up approximately 400 Mb to be able to launch the game.

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The glitch relating to Wraith’s phase had the potential to turn the tide of a fight in the game, as Wraith’s tactical is supposed to protect her against all crowd-control abilities at the cost of becoming vulnerable upon coming out of it.

The devs have finally put an end to the bug after several weeks. They also resolved Newcastle’s shield value indicated in the user interface and a bug where players couldn’t use melee or spring after “partially or completely” reviving a teammate when playing the legend.

Meanwhile, the devs are still investigating other glitches in the game. The most annoying one might be the glitch impacting Loba’s tactical, which cannot be used in most situations on Storm Point, the currently active map for ranked games. It negates one of the legend’s main strengths, and the team has been investigating the issue since May 12.

The Respawn devs are working on bugs related to Twitch drops, audio, and Predator Rank rewards.

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