Brutal punishment: Roadhog glitch robs Overwatch 2 tank of abilities if he fails his ultimate

It's easier to list which hero hasn't had an ult issue.

The broken ultimate pandemic in Overwatch 2 seems to be getting worse, with Roadhog the latest hero to suffer accidental nerfs via a dodgy ability glitchand players across the community seem to agree, if the ‘Hog is having issues, no one is safe.

One eagle-eyed OW2 gamer shared a sighting of the issue on Reddit on Feb. 13 by posting a gameplay replay.

The clip, filmed in the training lobby, seems to confirm that Roadhog’s healing ability can be completely halted if someone interrupts his ultimate activation. After the player is hit mid-animation, the ‘Hog can no longer self-heal. And, maybe even worse, the tank character’s hook chain “also doesn’t load until it connects with a target.”

The issue is certainly a dire one for Roadhog mains, considering his self-healing and character-locking hook are two key parts of his ability suite.

After the clip was shared around, OW2 players pointed out ‘Hog isnt the only hero to be suffering from issues either; it seems players are noticing a few issues with ultimates, with season three seemingly filled to the brim with busted ults. In particular, Orisa has been affectedright now, her ultimate causes her to lock into the spin animation.

On top of that, Symmetra has been glitched for some time. The bug sees her abilities destroyed by any part of a movable OW2 environment (like a door or payload). On top of that, she can’t pick them up or replenish them again either.

Now, gamers are just waiting for the next ult to break.

Each of these issues in the ultimate pandemic has popped up since Overwatch’s Feb. 7 patch, so hopefully, the Blizzard devs are already hard at work to solve them.

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