Brigitte player solves Widowmaker issue with their own hands in Overwatch

Sniper mains, watch out.

Ever met Moira DPS players in your Overwatch 2 ranked games? There’s worse: Brigitte flankers. While it doesn’t work out in most cases, they can sometimes save a round. This gameplay clip posted on Reddit proves it can be efficient in some circumstances.

In a Blizzard World game, this support player was fed up with getting sniped by the enemy Widowmaker, so they took the matter into their own hands and rushed the sniper using Brigitte.

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They hunted down Widowmaker whenever she came back from spawn, no matter where their allies were.

They even used their ultimate, a buff meant to help the whole team, to get an individual speed boost and bash the sniper, leaving her no chance of surviving.

The Widowmaker player ended up complaining in the general chat, tired of Brigitte’s vendetta.

Both teams were so uncoordinated that the last resort move by Brigitte allowed her to chain kill the DPS player using her shield without being bothered by other players.

Usually, though, this kind of aggressive playstyle gets the ally team killed, leaving them without any protection. In those situations, the safest option is communication, whether it’s by using repeated pings, text chat, or the voice channel. It can be frustrating, but that’s the hard sacrifice support players must endure.

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