Breaking up the band: Overwatch 2 devs are working on nerfing one of game’s most OP duos

Perhaps their combined reign is finally over.

Sojourn has been one of the most divisive heroes in Overwatch 2. If you play Sojourn, the last thing you want is your best character to be nerfed to oblivion, but if youre playing against her, you will have a rough game.

This, paired with a pocket Mercywho keeps Sojourn alive and welloften makes victory near impossible.

The combo itself is relatively simple: Mercy’s damage boost, paired with Sojourn’s super-powered ultimate, can tear enemy teams to shreds. Mercy’s ability to quickly switch to healing forces the opposing team to focus on the healer, which then gives the rest of her team plenty of time to focus down and kill the opponents targeting the support hero.

The Overwatch 2 developers have noticed this dynamic duo, and their domination in casual and ranked queues so far in 2023, and have confirmed they’re taking steps to reduce the combo’s strength. 

In response to complaints about the partnership, OW2s community manager, Jodie Grace Mckaughan shared that a change is on the horizon: [We] know it feels bad now, especially when you see it so frequently in your games, the dev said about the duo. We’ll have more to share soon, but changes are coming!

Per (which we would add has been struggling to update numbers after a Blizzard API change), Sojourn appears in 2.3 percent of all games. Mercy, who is more common on her own too, is played 6.61 percent of the time.

As mentioned, however, Blizzard does not share any official statistics.

Sojourn has suffered many-a-nerf recently. The damage hero, who actually only joined the roster when the sequel was released last October, has been at the peak of the meta for some time, and despite several blows, has remained quite strong.

Mercy, however, hasnt received changes since the beginning of Overwatch 2, with the support hero remaining basically the same. What the changes for Mercyand her DPS partnerstill remain to be seen, though OW2 players will be hoping their new-found sequel mains survive the nerfs.

The devs weren’t clear if it’ll be both OW2 heroes on the operating table, or if it’ll be just one, in particular, suffering the planned nerfs. We’ll have to wait and see.

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