Brazilian VALORANT pro fires back at NRG player after cheating accusation

Harsh words.

A Brazilian player from the 10th-best VALORANT team in the country has responded to claims that his team cheated by sharing North American team NRGs strategies with LOUD prior to VCT LOCK//IN. 

Last night, NRG player Ardis ardiis Svarenieks said that one of the players from TBK Esports, a prominent Brazilian team, was seen with LOUD players after NRG practiced against them. Ardiis implied that TBK couldve sent strategies to LOUD prior to their head-to-head at VCT LOCK//IN. 

We prac[tice] these guys [TBK Esports] three times a couple of days beforeand then I see this guy [Leon ryotzz Felipe] chilling with LOUD after we had just practiced them, he said. Theres no way he has not shown that VOD to that teamI was in disbelief, ardiis said on stream. 

Ardiis was quick to walk back the accusation, however. Im not saying they did it, he said after. 

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Brazilian player ryotzz, whom Ardiis implied may have leaked practice VODs to LOUD, lashed out at the player and rejected the implication on Twitter today. I would never do such a thing, the player said. 

He said that despite him denying the accusation, LOUD wouldnt have needed the VOD recording to win against NRG. Dont be a sore loser, he said. 

NRG were sent home from VCT LOCK//IN, which concluded earlier this month, with a semifinal finish from bracket play. LOUD were able to take down NRG, which led the way for the Brazilian team to reach the grand final against Fnatic, where the European team was victorious in a five-game thriller

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