Brawl Stars’ season 12 is here

This season will last two months.

Brawl Stars fans now have many new challenges to complete in the game since the latest season became available earlier today. Called “The Stuntshow,” season 12 has launched two new Brawlers who are performers, like Stu.

It also has introduced a new battle pass, with both free and premium versions, featuring 70 levels to clear. It’ll give many exclusive rewards and Bonus Big Boxes for any supplementary level earned.

Screengrab via Supercell

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The first Brawler to be introduced, Janet, will be given as a reward for the completion of level 30 of the Premium Pass. Her exclusive skin, on the other hand, will be given at level 70, the last one available.

The other Brawler will become available later in the season and it won’t be included in the pass, similar to the Brawlers launched in previous seasons.

A new batch of challenges will be added every week, giving new kinds of rewards on top of battle pass points.

In the shop, daily rewards are being offered as part of the Golden Week event that will last until May, 9, featuring limited-time skins. The new game mode, Bot Drop, has also launched. It pits two teams of three players against each other. The first team to earn the most bolts will win. To earn bolts, the players must destroy the bots and pick them up afterward.

The Golden Week challenge has also been introduced in the game, giving away Brawl boxes, Power League points, and coins by earning wins. Players can only lose three rounds before being out of the challenge and having to spend Gems to get another chance.

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