Bow down: Prince’s flawless performance against 100T headlines Eyla’s LCS return

FlyQuest are starting the second half of the split exactly how they wrapped up the first one: with a dub.

To kick off the second round robin of the 2023 LCS Spring Split, North Americas hottest and coldest teams, respectively, hit the Rift. FlyQuest, who won eight of their nine games in the first round robin, opened the second half of the split similarly today with a win over 100 Thieves, who, in turn, notched their fifth straight loss. 

Todays game was particularly competitive, largely in part due to 100 Thieves ability to find mid-game kills and objectives. Still, FlyQuest continuously scaled their gold lead upward, claiming turrets at a more consistent rate in the earlier portion of the contest. 

While the gold remained relatively tied for most of the game, FlyQuests teamfight-focused composition came online whenyou guessed itthe team won back-to-back teamfights at the 25-minute mark. In those fights, it was AD carry Prince who carried the load, claiming six kills on Zeri in a matter of minutes. In total, he finished the game with another unbelievable scoreline of 14/0/1. This was Princes fourth double-digit-kill game of the year, and it also tied his career high for killsa mark he set last season with Liiv SANDBOX in the LCK. 

The second round robin also brought about a significant change for FlyQuest, who debuted its full intended roster for the first time this split. Todays game served as the 2023 debut for the teams starting support Eyla, who missed the first four weeks of the season due to complications regarding a U.S. visa. Today, Eyla finished with a scoreline of 0/3/16 on Soraka.

In Eylas stead, substitute support Winsome helped the team win eight games while posting a KDA of 5.5 in the LCS. Winsome will take his regularly scheduled place on FlyQuests NA Challengers roster later this week. 

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Tomorrow, FlyQuest will look to continue their run of dominance through the LCS against Dignitas, the only major region League team to not win a match yet this year. 

For 100 Thieves, this loss marks their fifth in a row. The team currently sit outside the playoff bubble and will need to string together victories in a few must-win games that sit on the horizon. Tomorrow, theyll face off against Team Liquid, who could tie 100T in the standings if they beat Immortals later today. 

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