Both mid-season Apex events have beaten season launch’s player highs for first time ever

Keep em' coming Respawn.

Apex Legends concurrent player base has been steadily growing since 2021 and its starting to break a few of its own records along the way.

The battle royal title is a fast-paced, action-packed, joyride players flock to, even years after the hype has settled. Apex likes to reward its player base with a ton of different events that celebrate skin collecting, the holidays, and limited-time modes players can have a crack at. These events draw in players left, right, and center and its clearly a winning strategy.

According to SteamDB, the mid-season events have been kind to Respawn too. For the first time, the mid-season events have risen above the player count for the Seasons launch day. Wintertide and Spellbound have both come out on top against the Season 15 release, which started on Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022. It’s a clear first for the battle royale.

Wintertide was dropped on Tuesday, Dec. 6. It took some time to beat the Season 15 player peak, while Spellbound came out swinging and cleared both the Wintertide and Season 15 concurrent highs in just a handful of days.

Here are the player peaks across the season.

Apex concurrent player highs in Season 15

  • Launch (Nov. 2022): 405, 728
  • Wintertide release (Dec. 2022): 412, 916
  • Spellbound release (January): 411, 917

Another exciting element to Apexs success is the consistent increase of players over the last few years. While its 511,676 concurrent player peak was in August last year, the game has seen a steady rise. Since 2021, Apex has grown from just over 100,000 concurrent players to regularly hitting 400,000 players, with no signs of slowing down.

If the devs keep bringing the events, it looks like the players will keep coming.

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