Blocking blue light with subtle Call of Duty League style: Zenni Blokz review

Eye strain can get in the way of the grind.

If you’re a fan of the Call of Duty League, you’ve undoubtedly seen or heard about Zenni’s Blokz, blue light-blocking glasses that adorn the faces of the best and brightest of the competitive CoD scene.

The main selling point of blue light-blocking glasses is the effect they have on lessening eye strain from looking at screens for extended periods of time.

Image via Zenni Gaming

If you’re working from home on a laptop and then switching to your PS5 to grind ranked matches in CoD or chasing victories in Warzone with the squad, you will undoubtedly deal with eye strain, even if you don’t exactly know how it feels or how to describe it.

Are Zenni Blokz worth it? Let’s take a closer look.

Don’t “lose full” from eye strain

Blue light-blocking glasses are worth investing in if you stare at screens for extended periods of time throughout the day. And in 2022, who isn’t? Between work, play, and leisure, screens are everywhere.

Zenni sent me a pair of one of its CDL Blokz glasses and I’ve been wearing them for a couple of weeks. I wear prescription glasses while I work, so I saved these for playing on my phone or on my Steam Deck at night, with screens just a few inches from my face.

Photo by Scott Duwe

You can definitely feel and see a difference in how harsh the light feels on your eyes after just a few minutes of staring intently at a screen. That feeling only compounds after extended play sessions.

One big plus is that you could even get Blokz with prescription lenses if you had a recent eye exam and are willing to spend way more for them. Zenni will fit the lens to the frame of your choice.

Zenni says that wearing Blokz will reduce eye strain and could even lead to improved sleep and fewer headaches. I don’t really suffer from headaches and my sleep hasn’t changed much, but the feel of eye strain was definitely lessened.

Look good, play good?

Zenni offers a wide variety of stylish gaming glasses, from the most subtle, to everyday style, to outlandish and futuristic. You can sport your favorite Call of Duty League team’s logo on them like the New York Subliners pair I received or even rock the CDL logo itself.

Photo by Scott Duwe

A quick browse of Zenni’s CDL section shows just how varied the selection is. No matter who you are or what your style is, you’re likely to find a pair that fits your face and fits your vibe whether it’s game time, study time, or Netflix and chill time.

Each pair of Blokz comes with its own snazzy CDL protective case and cleaning cloth. Both are very well made and feel sturdy, which sadly can’t be said for the frames themselves. You’ll need to be careful when wearing Blokz since the most clumsy among us could most likely break these easily.

One of the nicer features about Blokz, in my opinion, is that the lenses are basically clear, which is a big change from other blue light-blocking glasses I’ve worn in the past with orange or yellow tints. Everything about the Blokz is just more subtle than what I’m used to in this kind of product.

Are Zenni Blokz for you?

With CDL frames listed at $33.95, $46.95, or $49.95, Blokz are affordable for the potential improvement they can make on your everyday life. And to represent your favorite CDL squad and look good while doing it, it definitely makes Zenni Blokz worth a look if you work and game on screens all day.


  • Less eye strain from staring at screens
  • Affordable price tag
  • Many styles to choose from
  • CDL representation
  • Prescription lens options available


  • Some frames feel flimsy
  • Prescription lens options are expensive
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