BlizzCon confirms dates for long-awaited return to Anaheim

It’s back after four years.

It’s time once again to hit up your travel agent. BlizzCon, the long-running convention to celebrate Blizzard Entertainment games like World of Warcraft and Diablo, finally has a set date.

The Anaheim Convention Center will play host to BlizzCon once again, for the first time in person since 2019, on Nov. 3 and 4, Blizzard announced today. The event has not taken place in physical form for the last several years, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“After four years of gathering onlineadventuring through Azeroth, teaming up in Overwatch, traversing the fields of Sanctuary, or warming yourself by the fire in the Tavernits finally time to gather in person once more,” Blizzard said.

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BlizzCon has been home to some of the most memorable moments in the history of the company, including several esports events, and big reveals like the surprise unveiling of Overwatch for the very first time at BlizzCon 2014.

“Our players are at the heart of what makes BlizzCon greata place where games are the common ground for connection and friendship,” Blizzard said. “Whether youre coming to hang out with friends you only ever get to see online, celebrating epic moments in the games we love, exploring whats on offer in the convention center halls, or eager to learn whats next for our universes, BlizzCon is being created for you. Its the community that has always made this event so special, and we cant wait to see you all again.”

This year’s BlizzCon is largely shrouded in secrecy thus far, but the Overwatch World Cup finals will be taking place at the event, and there’s always the chance for big and exciting announcements for WoW, Diablo, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and all of Blizzard’s existing IP.

Blizzard said it will be “back with more details about the show next month including ticketing information, cosplay and other competition details, and more.”

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“Whether youll be joining us in person or online, we cant wait to share what weve been working on and celebrate together,” Blizzard said. “We are counting down the days alongside you!”

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