Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 PvE betrayal consumes World Cup chat

They seem to love Overwatch but hate Blizzard.

After the Overwatch 2 PvE overhaul announcement on May 16, the community has been fairly unhappy with Blizzard, and social media is being inundated with disgruntled posts about broken promises. The community’s rage is now spreading to the 2023 Overwatch World Cup stream, with every comment calling for players to boycott Overwatch and Blizzard.

A video, which was uploaded to the Overwatch 2 subreddit on May 18, featured comments like boycott Overwatch, scam, L, cancel Blizzard, and much more. Ironically, the comments are saying to boycott the game and are rallying other frustrated players, yet most are still contributing to the stream’s viewership.

Unfortunately, theres not much that players can do to express their opinions on the matter, which is why many are turning to these official streams to express their displeasure even though they know that probably nothing will come of it. To some, it might all just be a waste of time

However, some dont care about boycotting Overwatch because they enjoy the game. They believe having all the promised PvE content would have been nice, but theyre okay with what the game offersat least for now.

Mostly, this seems to be a Love/Hate situation, with people loving Overwatch but hating Blizzard, and thats fair because it seems like the developer is more focused on making money than creating something that keeps players coming back with new, highly-anticipated content.

But as betrayal will always burn hot and light a fire in people, we can expect to see more boycotts and ‘cancel Overwatch‘ comments in OW2 streams until this issue is addressedor until things die down.

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