Blizzard’s hidden secret in WoW Dragonflight has been cracked

This patch contained more secrets than we expected.

During Patch 10.0.7 testing, World of Warcraft news, guides, and database site, Wowhead, discovered new appearances, recipes, and toys in the old dungeonZulGurub. Until March 22, no one actually knew what would become of this, but Wowhead cracked the case.

On March 22, Wowhead posted a detailed guide explaining the ins and outs of unlocking the secrets of ZulGurub. In the guide, we learn that you can head to the old instance in Patch 10.0.7 and after carefully following specific steps, you can unlock a new achievement, Relics of a Fallen Empire, and start grinding a new currency called Bijous which can later be exchanged for various patterns and ensembles.

In Patch 10.0.7, ZulGurub has plenty of secrets just waiting to be discovered, including returning drops from Fishing and ancient patterns which are tied to a specific new toyBrazier of Madness. But, the idea is the samefarm Bijous, unlock different achievements, and use them to exchange for items you want at a vendor near the entrance called Rin’wosho the Trader.

Other than ZulGurub recipes and cosmetics, data mining from Patch 10.0.7 suggests we might have similar secrets hiding in yet another old instanceNaxxramas. At the moment, we dont know anything about the discovered Naxxramas assets and well have to wait and see if Blizzard has more secret content up its sleeves.

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