Blizzard will nerf Heroic and Mythic Raszageth with this week’s WoW: Dragonflight reset

This might just be the change your guild needed.

The final boss of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is about to get a substantial cut to her power. Starting with tomorrows North American weekly reset, Raszageth is set to be nerfed on both Heroic and Mythic difficulty.

If you and your guild have been struggling to achieve Ahead of the Curve or Cutting Edge this raid tier, your progression on Raszageth is about to go a lot more smoothly. 

With weekly resets, Electric Lash and Volatile Current will both have their damage reduced by 20 percent on both Heroic and Mythic difficulty, significantly reducing the constant damage Raszageth deals, especially during phase one of the encounter. 

The absorb shield produced by Raszageths Stormsurgethe key mechanic of the fights second phasewill be reduced by 20 percent. This should reduce the amount of phase two wipes that your group endures, while also making the raid’s signature positive-negative mechanic easier to deal with. Furthermore, since less damage is being dedicated to breaking Raszageths shield during Stormsurge, more of your groups total DPS will be allotted to her actual health bar. The damage of Lingering Charge is also being reduced, which should make Raszageths second phase easier, as well. 

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On Mythic difficulty, an additional change is being made to Raszageths intermission phase; the damage of the Primalist Stormseeker adds Storm Bolt is being reduced by 25 percent. 

These changes will go live in North America tomorrow, and will go live in Europe on Wednesday alongside the weekly reset with each respective server.

Following these nerfs, it should be expected many guilds across the world will get the last push needed to defeat Raszageth and grab the Ahead of the Curve or Cutting Edge achievements desired by so many WoW raiders.

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