Blizzard teases next Overwatch 2 support hero with roadmap Easter egg

You'll have to head to the Antarctic to understand this reference.

Blizzard released a 2023 roadmap for Overwatch 2 on May 16, and along with sharing information about upcoming events and features to the game, they seem to have teased some background on the games upcoming support hero.

Developers had already confirmed that the games next hero, due to be released at the start of season six, would be a support hero to help the roles lacking representation. However, fans quickly noticed that the image Blizzard used as a background behind the words New Support Hero were eerily familiar.

The picture of a cloudy, mountainous region appears to be identical to a poster in one of the spawn rooms of the map Antarctic Peninsula, and the poster has a large label on it indicating that it is an image of Peru.

This has naturally led many players to believe the upcoming Overwatch 2 support hero that is likely coming sometime in August might have a tie to the country. With an extraordinarily diverse roster, Overwatch has almost as many countries of origin as it does heroes, so adding another to the list wouldnt be much of a surprise.

Fans have also quickly identified that the image appears to share some resemblance with Machu Picchu, an iconic citadel of the Inca Empire. While that cant be confirmed, one player pointed to an article released by Blizzard in 2015 that had a pin on the city of Arequipa, suggesting that a slightly different place in Peru could be where well find this new hero.

Its difficult to take too much more from the picture of Peru that Blizzard tried to slyly throw our way. After years of giving players teases, the developers still find a way to consistently keep us on our toes when it comes to new hero releases, and you can look no further than the games most recent addition, Lifeweaver, for evidence of that.

While there are many characters in Overwatch lore that arent in the game, Blizzard still finds a way to throw us something out of left field from time to time, and the only real way to figure out who is coming next will be to patiently wait for the hero announcement.

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