Blizzard teases free Overwatch 2 rewards ahead of Starwatch event

Fight for your free skins.

The upcoming Starwatch event in Overwatch 2 will give players a chance to do a hybrid of PvP and PvE in an alternate galactic-themed universe. And as is tradition with such events, Blizzard is giving players a chance to earn some free cosmetics.

In a post on social media today, the official Overwatch 2 account shared some images of various goodies that players will have a chance to earn from May 9 to 22, including an Epic quality Wrecking Ball skin.

The limited-time game mode Galactic Rescue will give players a chance to complete event challenges that will likely give players some battle pass experience as well as other in-game goodies.

The Overwatch 2 post shows off a weapon charm with stars and a meteor as well as an image of a D.Va poster that says Fly With Us. But the main image getting everyones attention is the Wrecking Ball skin.

The skin appears to make Hammonds ball look moon-like, but of course, it has some golden accents around his guns. Hammond himself in the skin appears to be very different from what fans might be used to. In the skin, Hammond is some kind of alien hamster with purple skin and terrifyingly blank blue eyes.

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Blizzard did not disclose exactly how players will be able to get these cosmetics, but based on previous events, it’s safe to assume that they will be earnable through a few challenges. Typically, a new event will have basic challenges like complete four games, but there will also be challenges specific to the limited-time game mode.

The Wrecking Ball skin will likely be earned by a challenge that will require players to complete a certain number of event challenges, similar to the recent Lifeweaver skin challenge that was tied to the B.O.B. and Weave game mode.

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