Blizzard reportedly nerfs one of WoW Dragonflight season 2’s toughest Mythic+ bosses

A slight hit to make one of the game's toughest encounters a bit more manageable.

WoW Dragonflight season two is underway as of May 9 and players have spent the first week of the new season discovering which bosses are among the toughest in the games Mythic+ dungeon pool. So far, one dungeon that players have avoided like the plague is Neltharions Lair, which holds two of the hardest bosses in the new season at its back end.

Among those two, Dargrul the Underkingthe dungeons final bossis reportedly receiving a nerf today that should make the boss easier to take down. The boss damage output is receiving a nerf, with the passive ticking damage from Magma Breaker getting hit by 15 percent, and the damage from Flame Gout also being reduced by 15 percent, according to WoW coverage site Wowhead

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

These reported nerfs should make the run-and-cover phase of the fight a lot simpler and easier to live through, especially if youre hiding behind one of the crystal walls spawned by Dargrul. With less consistent damage coming out of the boss throughout the entirety of the fight, healers will have plenty of weight taken off their shoulders. 

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Furthermore, the reported nerfs to Magma Breaker, which deals damage every time the boss takes a step, should make life more forgiving for tanks, who can now feel free to reposition or move Dargrul without being too heavily penalized. 

The second season of Mythic+ opened on a Tyrannical week, meaning boss encounters have been particularly difficult to open up the season. Next week will be a Fortified week, so be on the lookout for trash mobs power in your M+ runs.

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