Blizzard lowers the level needed to unlock heroes in Overwatch 2’s battle pass

Players will be able to play as Ramattra somewhat sooner.

Ramattra, the leader of Null Sector and a character players have seen glimpses of throughout the years, is joining Overwatch 2 as a playable hero in just a few days. And for most players, he will be the first hero of many theyll have to unlock. Yet unlike the previous hero, Kiriko, the grind to add this character to players arsenals will be slightly less extreme.

As part of a major update to the free track of the season two battle pass, Ramattra will be unlocked upon reaching level 45ten levels less than new players unlocked Kiriko in season one. Those who purchase the premium track of the battle pass for 1,000 Overwatch Coins will be rewarded Ramattra immediately upon purchase. Some of the weekly challenges from season one are also being tuned to be easier to complete, thus awarding players with XP quicker.

Players had previously voiced their dissatisfaction at the decision by Blizzard to lock new heroes behind late levels of the free track of the battle pass, requiring players to grind a significant number of games to reach that point. Ramattra will be the first hero that all players, regardless of if they have save data from the original Overwatch, will have locked at first and remain unable to play as in any mode until unlocked.

Ramattra is not likely to receive any Hero Challenges, which allow players to complete tasks for designated heroes to unlock them, until next season. Players will also be able to earn cosmetics for Ramattra via an upcoming Twitch collaboration featuring a drop of a Legendary skin for the new hero, though no further information has been given yet.

Season two of Overwatch 2 will be available for players to download directly via the launcher on Dec. 6. Players wanting to play as Ramattra in all modes except Competitive, where he will be unplayable for two weeks, must either unlock him through leveling up the free track of the battle pass or purchase the premium track.

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