Blizzard knows one of Lifeweaver’s biggest issues in Overwatch 2, but it won’t get fixed for a while

He might be a little too easy to hit.

Blizzard is hitting Lifeweaver with a huge buff and control scheme rework today in Overwatch 2, but one of the heros most problematic characteristics will remain unchangedhis hitbox.

Speaking with Karq and Eva Langwin during an interview on Twitch this past weekend, OW2 lead hero designer Alec Dawson admitted that Blizzard is aware of feedback regarding Lifeweaver’s hitbox. But any changes to his character model may take some time.

Ever since the handsome Thai support hero was unveiled, players have quickly noted how large and easy to hit he is in the game compared to other support heroes. While the character is a lean, hunkish machine, he struts around the battlefield wearing giant flower petals as a sort of backpack that presumably helps him execute his Rejuvenating Dash ability.

Unfortunately for Lifeweaver players, those protruding petals are considered a part of the heros hitbox, meaning that if a shot lands on them, Lifeweaver takes damage. As a support hero, this can be especially bad because it opens him up as a potential target for DPS heroes to dive.

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When heroes like Genji, Tracer, and Sombra dive the enemy team, they regularly walk a dangerously fine line that requires a certain amount of precision to get in and out without dying. That pressure gets amplified when their target is a support hero like Mercy, Ana, or Moira, all of whom have more slender models.

Lifeweavers pedals make him a significantly easier target that can be more easily damaged by heroes who have weapons with a lot of spread to them. For some players, this larger hitbox makes it difficult to justify playing Lifeweaver because hes an easier target to take out.

Its something that were still talking about right now, but we dont have any dates to share, Dawson said. Whenever we change hitboxes or anything model-wise it is quite a lot of work and it can involve multiple things. Its not going to be in any of the immediate changes, but it is something were talking about.

Though Dawson said Blizzard is looking at the potential of changing his hitbox, it wont come any time soon, and that could very well make Lifeweavers new buffs and improved controls feel a little bit less impactful as he is set to be unlocked in competitive.

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