Blizzard knows it needs to improve Overwatch 2 competitive rewards—but don’t hold your breath

What are we even supposed to do with these points anymore?

Overwatch 2 executive producer Jared Neuss casually answered some questions yesterday during a stream on the games official Twitch channel, and among the topics were new heroes and competitive rewards.

While he didnt give too much information about the games upcoming hero, which has not yet been revealed, he acknowledged that rewards for the games competitive modes arent necessarily the most enticing.

We all know that theres a lot more that we could do there, he said. Were interested in making rewards a little more compelling.

Former Overwatch League pro and streamer Seagull chimed in shortly after, suggesting that the team should add silver guns to the game as a competitive reward, and Neuss continued with the joke by saying that they should add a slightly different shade of gold weapons for heroes as a competitive reward.

Since the start of Overwatch, competitive game modes have rewarded competitive points or CP. Those points could be saved up and used to purchase golden weapons for a specific hero in the game. Getting a golden weapon for a hero costs 3,000 points, and those points can only be used for that purpose.

Players earn a small number of points for every competitive win or tie they have, and at the end of each season, players are given a lump sum of points that scales with their rank. While Overwatch has a whopping 36 heroes, many players who have played the game since its launch have slowly earned golden guns over time for many, or even all, of the heroes in the game. 

This leaves high-level players like Seagull with not much to do when it comes to competitive points until Blizzard establishes some sort of new use for the currency, even though it is capped at 6,000.

Neuss did not confirm that the development team is doing anything to introduce new weapon tints to the game, and given the way he phrased his answer, its likely that players hoping for new diamond or chrome weapons will have to wait a while.

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