Blizzard gives severely underrepresented Overwatch 2 heroes much-needed love with latest shop skins

They have a fraction of the skins most other heroes do.

Its always a challenge to balance what heroes get new cosmetics in Overwatch 2, and it regularly feels like some heroes in particular consistently have fewer skins than some of the games classically popular characters.

Especially with the move to Overwatch 2, new heroes that were added to the game have seemed to struggle to get the attention that heroes like Mercy, Tracer, and Soldier: 76 have. The cosmetic wardrobe those heroes have accumulated over the past seven years makes it feel like they have endless options.

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With Overwatch 2s weekly shop reset, however, a pair of newer heroes received a little bit of help on their way to being a little bit more aesthetically diverse. Both of Overwatch 2s newest tank heroesJunker Queen and Ramattrareceived new skins that players can purchase through the games shop for a limited time.

Junker Queens Mob Boss skin can is available for 1,900 OW coins, and Ramattras Kabuki skin is a part of a bundle that runs for 1,500 OW coins. The skins bolster each heroes cosmetics options slightly as each character struggles to have even a fraction of what some original heroes offer.

The two heroes have just 64 and 57 cosmetic options according to the games gallery. The figures are the least among all tanks by a wide margin. The closest to them is Wrecking Ball, who has 119.

Among all heroes, only Sojourn and Lifeweaver have comparably few options. Sojourn was released in October at the start of Overwatch 2 and Lifeweaver was just released this past month. Those lacking options are juxtaposed by many of the games original characters that have more than 140 cosmetic options, including 20-plus different skins. Meanwhile, these new skins for Junker Queen and Ramattra dont even give them double-digit skin options (excluding OWL team skins).

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