Blizzard embraces the meme with subtle feature in Reinhardt’s cardboard Overwatch skin

It's certainly more discreet.

The new Legendary Cardboard Reinhardt skin entered the Overwatch 2 shop on May 23, and Blizzard put a lot of effort into making it the goofiest available in the game.

A subtle feature pushes the immersion further, proving the developer went all meme with the skin. The tank’s animation sounds have been changed to reflect the change of his armor’s fabric.

When using the skin, players will only hear muffled cardboard sounds instead of metal ones, a user highlighted on Reddit. This change is not only in line with the visual changes, but it also makes him a tiny bit more sneaky. The cardboard must be the most solid ever seen since it won’t budge even when Reinhardt goes full speed to pin someone against a wall. Still, the new sounds bring a nice touch to the peculiar skin.

The Legendary skin is now available in the shop as a bundle for 2,000 coins (which equals $19.99). The bundle includes a voice line called “A thousand ships?” and a Crayon Art name card. With that set, Reinhardt mains will fully embrace the meme of Reinhardt Cardboard.

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Although the Legendary skin features a polished and goofy concept, some players have criticized its price, arguing Blizzard invested more money in designing skins than actual gameplay features. This refers to recent backlash the developer has received for backtracking on its PvE mode recently.

Cardboard Reinhardt won’t make players’ frustration with the state of the game go away. But it will give them some immersive muffled Reinhardt hammer swings.

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