Blizzard confirms Shadowflame Crests are here to stay in WoW Dragonflight season 3

Blizzard has big plans for Shadowflame Crests.

Unless youve been living on Northrend these past couple of weeks, you must have heard of the new gearing currency in World of Warcraft DragonflightShadowflame Crests. Replacing Valor, it seems like Shadowflame Crests are here to stay for season three.

From the moment Shadowflame Crests were introduced to the game, they have been cluttering our bags with players having four different types of crests and their fragments filling up their storage. And that’s not to mention Enchanted Shadowflame Crests.

On May 18, when WoW players were discussing bag bloat, one of the devs pitched in saying Blizzard is seriously considering moving them to the Currency tab in the next season. 

“While I cant promise anything at this early stage, moving crests to the Currency tab is under serious consideration and I think its more likely to happen than not for next season,” WoW dev Chimes said. “…and yes, I did implicitly reveal that our current tentative plans are that this system will be iterated on for Season Three.”

Additionally, the team is discussing the much-desired change that will allow lower-tier Shadowflame Crests to drop once you cap one type of crest. This means youll be able to collect Wyrms Shadowflame Crests from level 16 and above Mythic+ dungeons after you cap the Aspects Shadowflame Crests. 

This is the exact change WoW players have been crying out for these past few days and it will surely make Mythic+ a better place. High-end players wont be forced to farm low to mid keys, and average players wont be stuck in PUG purgatory, constantly queuing up for Mythic+ dungeons they should be doing but always getting rejected for those overgeared high-end players farming crests.

The new gearing system is staying, most likely moving to the Currency tab, and will give you at least something once you cap the crests dropping in the content youre doing. The exact release date of all of this is currently unknown, but you shouldnt expect these major changes before Dragonflight season three, scheduled to release in the winter later this year.

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