Blizzard confirms more collabs following Overwatch 2’s One-Punch Man success

They could be coming soon.

Overwatch 2s collaboration with the manga One-Punch Man drew largely positive feedback this month. With its success, the games developer announced today that not only are they considering more potential collaborations, but there may already be another one in the works.

In a blog post, the games director Aaron Keller noted that Blizzard was a little worried about how its active collaboration would go, but now that its gone well, players can expect to see another on the horizon.

When we first announced the collab, we talked about our values with how we’d like to handle events like these, and players seemed to agree with us, he said. The popularity of the event has given us the confidence to do more collaborations, and we’re hoping to premiere another large collab later this year.

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In revealing their original collab with One-Punch Man, Keller noted that the team wanted to make sure that hero skins allowed characters to maintain their Overwatch identity, even though they would be, at least in part, depicting a character from a different IP.

While Keller didnt mention exactly what brand they would be collaborating with, its clear that they want to do more collaborative events moving forward, and fans have already been theorizing various creative collaborations could be on the horizon.

The current One-Punch Man collaboration includes three purchasable bundles that have Legendary skins for heroes depicting them as some of the most popular characters in the One-Punch Man universe. Additionally, Blizzard let players play to earn one skin simply by queuing up enough games.

Its unclear if another collaboration would be as heavily skewed toward having purchasable skins instead of free and/or earnable ones, but given the games move to free-to-play, one would anticipate shop skins to be a staple of future collabs as well.

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