Blizzard changes Overwatch 2’s Legacy Token color after community uproar over ‘intentional’ similarity to premium currency

It's a slight change, but it makes a big difference.

A recent, controversial addition to Overwatch 2′s battle pass system has been changed in a minor update today, possibly due to some fan backlash.

When the game’s new went live a couple of weeks ago, players immediately took to social media to complain about the fact that Legacy Token rewards in the battle pass were the same exact icon and a very similar color as Overwatch Coins, the game’s premium currency.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Legacy Tokens are leftover currency from the original Overwatch and are only used to acquire older skins and items, and nothing new must be purchased with OW Coins. Previously, the legacy tokens in the battle pass had a yellow color to them, very similar to OW Coins, which are gold. Legacy tokens are now decidedly silver.

When the battle pass went live earlier this month, some players took to Reddit to complain that the change was “intentional” and meant to dupe players into thinking that the battle pass included premium currency, when it in fact does not.

“Definitely intentional,” one Reddit commenter said on Feb. 8. “It’s a corporate ‘oopsie whoopsie!’ to fool people into thinking the Battle Pass has more value than it does to increase the sales, and then say “we’re sorry you thought these were actually useful coins! It was an honest mistake, really.'”

The thread was filled with others who shared the same sentiment. A few weeks later, it appears the message has been received loud and clear by Blizzard, whether the coloration was intentional or not.

Overwatch 2’s season three is live now on all platforms.

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