Blizzard breaks silence about major Overwatch 2 bug that bans players

The devs suggested a bizarre way to avoid the "Applying Update" bug.

Blizzard has finally addressed the Applying Update bug in OW2 that has led to countless temporary account suspensions. Its an issue that has plagued Overwatch 2 for a little while now, and its infuriating for players who are just looking to crank out some ranked matches.

But the advice the devs gave today isnt exactly what players are looking for. With a post to the Blizzard Support website, the developer effectively admitted it doesnt yet have a solution for issues surrounding the problem that has kept players from loading into competitive matches, resulting in suspensions from comp games.

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We are aware that some players may receive the message Applying Update when joining a competitive game, Blizzard said. This can sometimes trigger a leavers penalty, which may also occasionally lead to a competitive suspension. While our Overwatch 2 developers are investigating, we recommend that players enter the training mode prior to queueing for any game mode, every time they login. Customer Service is not able to overturn these penalties and any player affected will need to wait for them to expire.

The only potential solution that Blizzard seemed to have for players as they look for a way to fix the issue on their end is to start every play session by entering the training mode. The post didnt explain exactly how or why that prevents the bug from happening, but it did make it clear that the issue is a Blizzard problem and not a player problem.

Its unclear how long it will take for Blizzard to resolve this Applying Update bug, but in the meantime, it looks like theres a relatively simple solution for players who want to make sure they avoid any temporary bans, even if its mildly annoying to do so.

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