BLAST Paris Major qualifiers bring peak CS:GO to new destinations in 2023

CS:GO is coming to new countries soon.

The locations for the RMR tournaments for Paris CS:GO Major 2023 were unveiled today during a press conference.

The events will be held in their respective regions, which was one of the biggest questions before the announcement. Three cities will host the qualifying tournaments for the French Major. The European RMR will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, while Monterrey, Mexico, and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, will hold RMRs for Americas and Asia, respectively. It will be the first time CS:GO Major-affiliated events will be organized in these countries.

Fans have been eager to find out whether the RMRs will be held in the local countries, which hasn’t always been the case in the past editions of Valve-sponsored tournaments. The Americas RMRs for IEM Rio Major and PGL Antwerp Major were held in Stockholm and Bucharest, respectively.

As of now, the exact dates for the RMRs remain unknown. Although with the Major itself beginning on May 8, the qualifiers should take place sometime in April.

Another aspect that was cleared out during today’s press conference was the commentary inside the Accor Arena (where the playoffs Paris CS:GO Major 2023 will take place) will be in English. The locations of the Challengers and Legends Stage, though, haven’t been confirmed yet.

This time, the qualifying process for the CS:GO Major will look slightly different, as Valve introduced a few changes on Dec. 22. A new closed qualifier for the RMRs was introduced, and the teams invited to them will be decided through the Regional Standings.

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