BLAST Paris CS:GO Major’s distribution of regional spots set

Europe leads by far in numbers of spots.

The regional spots distribution for BLAST Paris Major, the next Valve-sponsored CS:GO event, has been confirmed following the end of the IEM Rio Major Legends Stage.

Should Valve keep the same rulebook it used for the Brazilian Major, there will be seven spots for Europe in BLAST Paris Major Legends Stage and only one spot for Americas as a result of only FURIA (South America) reaching the playoffs of IEM Rio Major together with seven teams from Europe.

As for the BLAST Paris Major Challengers Stage, there will be 10 European teams, four teams from Americas, and two teams based in Asia, if Valve uses the same rulebook it used for IEM Rio Major.

The 16 teams who qualify for the Major with Challenger or Contender status fight in the Challengers Stage for a spot in the Legends Stage, in which the best eight teams from Regional Major Ranking (RMR) competitions wait.

If Valve maintains this current formula for its CS:GO Majors, the only way Americas and Asia can get more spots in Challengers and Legends Stage is if these regions perform better at BLAST Paris Major in May 2023, but that is looking rather unlikely at the moment due to Europe’s dominance.

The Major is open-circuit, which allows any team from Europe, Americas, and Asia to fight for a spot in the most prestigious event in CS:GO esports. This means that even amateur or semi-professional teams can qualify and not only play but also earn sticker money from team and player capsules.

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