BLAST backtracks on decision to let k0nfig play for FaZe

It's not looking good for FaZe.

FaZe Clan tried to acquire k0nfig as a substitute for rain at the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022, but the organizer reportedly backtracked on that decision today.

BLAST initially allowed FaZe to use k0nfig as their sub, according to a report on Jan. 18. But today the organizers commented to HLTV that the request was denied “as he is registered on another team.” This caused quite a stir since k0nfig was already seen during the media day with FaZe, according to HLTV. The team was also told yesterday that they could use k0nfig and were informed today that the decision was reversed.

Officially, FaZe submitted olofmeister as their substitute for BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022. The Swede is, however, streaming VALORANT from his home and claims he didn’t even know that he was chosen as the substitute for FaZe for the event.

FaZe has since been called out for how it has handled the situation. Ropz shed some light on the situation, explaining that. “Some of these are from World Finals, including Heroics. Apparently there was only a day notice for the submission and some didnt reach back in time. K0nfig had no idea either hes Heroics sub,” he said on Twitter.

At BLAST World Finals 2022, k0nfig played with Heroic as a substitute.

Mira also added that despite all this mess, FaZe have been permitted to register another substitute for the event. The team are racing against the clock, however, with their match starting tomorrow at 12pm CEST.

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