Black Adam and Arcade Mode are coming to MultiVersus very soon

Finally, some lighting smoked content.

The red carpet may have already been rolled back up for the Black Adam movie, but the character is getting a slightly smaller celebration when he joins the MultiVersus roster later this week alongside the long-awaited Arcade Mode. 

Black Adam will join the roster as the next playable character later this week, bringing one of DC Comics most iconic archenemies and the power of the wizard Shazam to the platform fighter for the first time. 

Gameplay still hasnt been shown for the antihero yet, but with a release quickly approaching, Player First Games will likely start sharing short videos on social media ahead of a larger showcase just before the character goes live.

We still have no idea what Arcade Mode will truly look like either, but thanks to some data miners, we do have a little bit more information. 

Based on the additional context, Arcade Mode looks like it will feature a total of 10 stages and three difficulty options to keep players occupied. There will also reportedly be boss characters that are buffed versions of characters on the roster.

MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh also directly confirmed that the mode will feature online co-op as an option. 

Because a new character and mode are being added, players can expect a sizable patch to go live alongside the next update. This means new balance adjustments and other content will likely be reworked as PFG continues to improve the game. 

The last update added Stripe from Gremlins to the roster. And once Black Adam is added, we will officially have no confirmed characters that have been announced to be coming soon for the first time since the game launched in open beta.

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