Bjergsen reveals problems behind 100 Thieves’ 5 match LCS loss streak after win vs. Liquid

Is this the beginning of the turnaround?

100 Thieves’ journey in the 2023 League of Legends season has been a shaky one. Despite a good start to the LCS Spring Split, they collapsed midway through and suffered a disastrous five-match loss streak in the first round robin. It looks like the team has started addressing its problems though, as they clinched an important victory against Team Liquid on Feb. 24.

In an interview with Travis Gafford after the win, Søren Bjergsen Bjerg talked about the problems that have been plaguing 100 Thieves lately. We lost like five games in a row and so its not that fun, he said.

According to him, there were a lot of things that went wrong with 100 Thieves resulting in this losing streak. We struggled in a lot of different aspects of the game, he said. Some games we had a really weak early game [like] against EG where were dying to ganks in very obvious ways.

Even against CLG, we were in a pretty good spot against the game. Then we fought on their power spike and we just got completely wiped, Bjergsen said. There are [also] other games where were team fighting poorly, not understanding how to team fight with our team comp.

Bjergsen admits the team did not lose due to a single reason, but because they have been lacking individually and as a team. There are still many things that 100 Thieves need to work on going forward in the Spring Split. 

Bjergsen is still hopeful though and promised the fans a better showing in future matches. We havent been playing super well but were definitely aware and were definitely working out asses off to be better, he said. I still have a lot of faith in this team. Week by week were slowly figuring things out.

Cloud9 will be the next major hurdle in 100 Thieves path. The teams will face off on March 2 at 6pm CT.

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