‘Bill Clinton’ stage crasher hijacks Elden Ring GOTY win at The Game Awards—and is promptly arrested

Their identity was not immediately publicized.

The Game Awards concluded with a massively perplexing course of events during the final speech by the Elden Ring team that won the award for Game of the Year. 

At first glance, the scene seemed normal enough as From Software executives expressed their gratitude for being commemorated for their game, but at the end of the speech, something happened that no one anticipated.

A young man that had been standing with the Elden Ring team on stage walked up to the microphone as the walk-off music started playing, and in just a few short moments, left everyone scratching their heads with a confusing comment.

Hey, my turn. I just want to thank everybody and say I want to nominate this award to my reformed orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton, he said. Thank everybody.

The former U.S. president had nothing to do with Elden Ring or the show itself, and the immediate reaction on social media was one of shock and near disbelief.


While the social media reaction to the bizarre incident was rampant and filled with humor, the shows creator and host Geoff Keighley was quick to respond and let fans know that the person had been arrested.

The name and background of the person have not yet been released.

This story is being updated…

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