Big TFT Set 7 legendary dragon changes slated for Patch 12.14

Saddle up that econ to two-star legendary dragons.

All legendary dragons in Teamfight Tactics Set Seven are getting buffed in Patch 12.14, according to game design director Stephen Mortdog Mortimer, incentivizing players to two-star the 10-cost beasts. 

Scheduled to release on July 27, Patch 12.14 will seek to improve the playability of legendary dragons within TFT Set Seven. The update is an important one for North American players, with only one more patch scheduled to drop before the Mid-Set Finale that is slated to take place from Aug. 19 to 21. To encourage a shift in gameplay strategies, the TFT balance team buffed two-star Ao Shin, Shyvana, and Aurelion Solwith the changes slated to go into effect via Patch 12.4 according to Mortdog

Ao Shin is the only legendary dragon who didn’t get its damage stats adjusted, but the 10-cost dragon did get a buff to their barrage of lightning strikes. Increasing the strikes from 14 to 20 is a big deal considering Ao Shin was already one of the best legendary dragons in TFT Set Seven. 

Shyvana is slated to get a significant damage buff, specifically via her Flame Breath. The Ragewing dragon deals a percentage of an enemy’s maximum health as magic damage, but after Patch 12.14, she will instead deal a cone of straight-up magic damage at 1,200/1,800/30,000. This change provides consistency to Shyvana’s damage output while also making her easier to position against enemy boards.

Aurelion Sol has been the runt of the Dragonlands set, hit with hotfix at launch and then a rework that still left the dragon sitting on the bench. Building upon what the TFT team has already accomplished with Aurelion Sol, the legendary dragon’s Black Holes will pack a punch in Patch 12.14 with 400/700/5,000 magic damagein conjunction with increasing damage taken by enemies that survive the Black Hole hit.

The stats and abilities for each of the TFT legendary Set Seven dragons are subject to change prior to the official release of Patch 12.14 on July 27. 

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