Big TFT Set 7.5 trait changes expected to shakeup meta heading into Worlds

Dragon becomes a vertical chase trait, packed with ascension power.

Riot Games is shipping several major trait changes within the Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.19 update, creating a powerful vertical Dragon six breakpoint and a slower star-level ramp speed to Astral. 

Patch 12.19 is scheduled to hit live servers around 1pm CT on Oct. 5, and is the last major update scheduled to take place prior to the Dragonlands World Championship. Multiple areas of the Uncharted Realms set were hit with nerfs and buffs, but the largest impact on the TFT Set 7.5 meta will likely come from several trait changes. 

The Astral trait has maintained its popularity throughout Set 7.5, showcasing numerous changes over the past four weeks since the Mid-Set update. Providing a ton of early game power and economic advantage, the trait is getting a nerf in Patch 12.19. Astral orbs will no longer pop out champions at the same rate as gold. The gold players receive from an orb will remain the same but two-starring Astral units during the early game will become slightly more difficult. 

Dragons are the face of TFT Set 7.5. Following the Mid-Set update, the balance team reworked the Dragon trait to allow players the opportunity to play multiple dragons at the same time. Expanding upon this, Patch 12.19 includes a new sixth breakpoint that is a solid win condition should players have the opportunity to hit it. 

With Dragon six active, all dragons will ascend, pummeling over enemies. Ascension power applied to dragons includes attack damage, ability power, attack speed, armor, and magic resistance, according to game designer director Stephen Mortdog Mortimer. And in addition to the new Dragon six vertical breakpoint, Dragon five was buffed, removing the attack speed bonus in exchange for 40 health regeneration every second. 

The final major change applied to Set 7.5 traits in Patch 12.19 was a rework of the Scalescorn trait. Previously, the trait was a counter to dragons, unable to activate if a dragon was on the board with Scalescorn units. Patch 12.19 changes this, allowing players to use Scalescorn champions and dragons within the same comps, without any penalties. 

Other trait changes were also applied in the last big update. Dragonmancer was buffed significantly through health and ability power bonuses. Attack speed for Jade was increased slightly, as was the ability power multiplier for the Mage trait. And players seeking to go vertical with Swiftshot were rewarded with an increase in attack speed. 

All TFT Set 7.5 trait changes from Patch 12.14 will drop into live servers at around 1pm CT on Oct. 5.

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