Big Legends of Runeterra nerfs and buffs are coming in Patch 3.10

Get ready for a shakeup on the ladder.

A total of 40 Legends of Runeterra nerfs and buffs are slated to take place in the upcoming Patch 3.10, according to game designer Steve Rubin

Riot Games has shifted its focus within LoR from Path of Champions to PvP, resulting in a larger than normal major balance patch that is scheduled to release later this month. No date has been revealed by the team for Patch 3.10 at time of writing. But some of the changes players can expect to see include over three dozen individual card adjustments, system changes, and more, according to a Twitter post from Rubin today. 

  • 40 individual card balance changes
  • Nerfs to top-tier meta decks
  • System changes to copies count as played and generatable keywords
  • Buffs to Landmark removal
  • Adjustments to the spell Disintegrate

All changes made during Patch 3.10 will affect both the Path of Champions game mode and PvP.  Major balance changes taking place on a regular basis within LoR were first announced during the initial roadmap, with another slated to drop at the end of summer. 

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The release of the Worldwalker expansion bumped Annie to the top of the meta, alongside her spell Disintegrate. Another spell that has dominated the meta since the expansion’s release has been Tentacle Smash, alongside Illaoi, who has found a home in a deck with Jarvan IV and Twisted Fate. 

The work for Patch 3.10 is “coming to a close,” according to Rubin. The likely date for the patch is June 29 but it could drop as early as June 22.

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