Bienvenidos: Official Spanish LCS broadcast coming in Spring Split’s final week

¡Vive la LCS!

Welcome to the new age of North American League of Legends, summoners. Riot Games has announced that the LCS will be debuting its official Spanish-language broadcast, LCS en Español.

The new broadcast will begin with the 2023 LCS Spring Playoffs on Thursday, March 23, and will be available on LLAs Twitch and YouTube channels for the entirety of the Playoffs, the LCS Spring Finals, and the 2023 Summer Split.

Image via Riot Games

LCS en Español will kick off at 3:30pm CT with a general pre-show that breaks down the matchups of the day, and lead viewers into the full schedule of matches along with commentary and analysis. The new broadcast team will be led by some familiar faces from the LLA broadcast, including:

  • Magalí “Magui Sunshine” Sanyán
  • Andrés “AndresX” Jamit
  • Daniel “Jirall” del Castillo
  • Juliana “Lenore” Ardila
  • Ignacio “Nachittus” Santamarina
  • Raúl “Raytone” González

This will be one of the first times that the LCS has been translated into Spanish, ever since the league debuted back in season three. FlyQuest did co-stream every LCS match during the 2021 campaign, but the league never opted for an official option until partnering up with the LLA.

You can catch the official Spanish broadcast when the 2023 LCS Spring Playoffs begins on Thursday, March 23.

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