BetBoom swaps two core player positions in attempt to salvage Dota Pro Circuit disaster

It could be the change they need.

BetBoom has swapped two players’ roles in a bid to turn their Dota 2 season around after struggling to live up to expectations.

Nightfall will remain in the carry role after filling in for Pure at the Berlin Major, who was unable to compete due to visa issues, while Pure will be moving to the offlane. The change was made official on May 9, according to a statement from the Dota squad.

Nightfall made a name for himself as a breakout carry star for Virtus.Pro between 2019 and 2021 before switching to the offlane role for Evil Geniuses and BetBoom, so hell be right at home. His performances in the role at the major werent too bad, and hell only get better as he continues to settle into his position.

Pure, on the other hand, has only ever played in the carry role at the pro level, so it could take him time to adjust. That being said, he is one of the most talented players in the scene and was the second Dota player ever to reach 13,000 MMR, so it might be quicker. Given all the changes in the New Frontiers update, it might even be a better fit for him.

BetBoom started the season strong, decimating the Winter Tour Regional League with seven straight wins. Things turned though, and they fell short of the mark at the Lima Major afterward. The same thing happened again in the Spring Tour Regional League; they performed quite well, only to implode at the Berlin Major.

As it stands, theyre sitting in 12th in the Dota Pro Circuit, putting them on the edge of missing out on direct qualification to The International. Theyll have a chance to lock in a spot depending on the Summer Tour Regional League and The Bali Major.

This change could be what they need, but well have to wait and see.

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