BetBoom qualifies for Dota 2’s The International 2022, stomp NAVI and Outsiders

You can't forget to bring the Boom.

Every region had its favorites heading into The International 2022 regional qualifiers, but Eastern Europe was likely the most open of all six, with BetBoom Team once again showing that they cant be underestimated against the likes of Natus Vincere and Virtus.pros Outsiders roster. 

BetBoom may have dropped into the lower bracket at the hand of NAVI before breaking into the top three, but SoNNeikO and his squad stormed back in the next round to completely sweep two of the best teams in the region and claim an invite to TI11. 

After losing to NAVI in the upper bracket semis, BetBoom had a little bit of trouble with one of the lower bracket favorites Nemiga Gaming, but after clearing out the Belarusian squad they ran through the rest of their matches. In the subsequent three series, BetBoom didnt lose a single game and only two went over 32 minutes. 

One Move was first on the chopping block, with BetBoom double eliminating that squad before moving on and taking a swift 2-0 revenge victory over NAVI to send them packing. Outsiders put up more of a fight, but BetBoom rolled through that series 3-0 to claim a spot in TI11s group stage. 

This caps off a sustained period of success from SoNNeikO and the ex-Winstrike roster, who now set their sights on causing some noise as an underdog on Dota 2s biggest stage. 

As for the remaining EEU teams, Outsiders and NAVI will still be heading to Singapore to represent the region in the TI11 Last Chance Qualifier. The second and third-place teams from each regions individual qualifiers will gather to compete for one last time for the final two spots at TI from Oct. 8 to 12.

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