BetBoom emerges with TI champion and stacked Dota 2 lineup for 2023 DPC

The money that potentially went into making this happen could have formed a super team.

Rumor sleuths stay winning this year, as BetBoom Team returns with one of the most dynamic Dota 2 rosters in Eastern Europe.

Pretty much every part of the rumored lineup featuring former teammates Nightfall and Save- ended up being true, including the inclusion of The International 10 Champion TORONTOTOKYO, who parted ways with Team Spirit just a day before the announcement. 

In addition to the former Evil Geniuses offlaner and Save-, BetBoom reportedly helped buy out Pures contract with Entity to add him to the mix. After a controversial year that ended with a strong showing at TI11, he is poised to be even more dangerous surrounded by all of this talent. 

Nightfall was actually originally rumored to be the teams carry, after moving to the offlane last season for EG, but having the option to bring in Pure seems to have convinced him to remain in that role. 

In a similar situation to Pure, gpk has also joined some of his former VP teammates on this as BetBooms midlaner. It is unclear if his contract and Save-s were both bought out from VP for this move to happen, but there is a chance the teams sponsor paid top dollar to bring them all together. 

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The TORNTOTOKYO piece actually became the most confusing over the last 24 hours as, once BetBooms involvement was reported, it appeared that he would either be playing in a very strange lineup with too many cores or someone would have to drastically swap roles. And the latter is what the team went with, as the former TI champ will make the almost ceremonial swap from midlaner to hard support as many have done before him. 

His move to BetBoom is also a bit poetic too, as Spirit replaced him with former BetBoom midlaner Denis “Larl” Sigitov. 

As for BetBooms path forward, the team reportedly bought out the former Mind Games slot in Division I of the EEU DPC and will jump right into competing for DPC Points and a spot at the first Major of 2023 when the Winter Tour begins in January.

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