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Best Limited Blue Common and Uncommon Innistrad: Midnight Hunt cards

Blue has the potential to be a popular color in Draft.

The color Blue contains a number of Common and Uncommon Innistrad: Midnight Hunt cards that will see a good amount of play within the Magic: The Gathering Limited format. 

There are two powerful mechanics within Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (MID) that synergize well with the color Blue. Flashback allows players to cast cards from the graveyard for a specific cost designated on the card. Decayed also allows players to cast a creature from the graveyard, with the backside of a Double-Faced card entering the battlefield. 

Utilizing these MID mechanics, Blue pairs well with Black, Green, and White. The color also has archetype synergy with Red via a spells-matter theme. Honorable mentions for Blue Common and Uncommon cards include creatures like Baithook Angler and Nebelgast Intruder, along with spells like Consider and Vivisection

From self-mill engines to backside Double-Faced cards with value, here are the eight best Common and Uncommon Limited MID cards in the color Blue. 

Ominous Roost 

Ominous Roost Ominous Roost

Ominous Roost is an Enchantment that synergizes well with casting cards from the graveyard. There are other three-drop spells that may take priority, but under the right circumstances, Ominous Roost can win games. It synergizes with Flashback and Disturb, but has a downside in that the 1/1 bird tokens can’t block. 

Organ Hoarder

Organ HoarderOrgan Hoarder

Organ Hoarder is a solid four-drop creature with a powerful enters-the-battlefield (ETB) effect. Tossing a card with Disturb or Flashback into the graveyard synergies with a number of MID archetypes.  And as an added bonus, Organ Hoarder is a 3/2 chump blocker on the battlefield to stall until the next turn when those spells tossed into the graveyard can get cast.  

Skaab Wrangler 

Skaab WranglerSkaab Wrangler

The color Blue in MID synergizes with graveyard and Decayed tokens. Skaab Wrangler can take advantage of Decayed zombies by tapping them in order to tap an opponent’s creature. In the early game, the human two-drop Uncommon wizard is a chump blocker that can potentially win the game for you in the late game stages. 

Covetous Castaway

 Covetous Castaway Frontside Covetous Castaway Frontside

Playing cards from the graveyard requires a mill engine, which is why Covetous Castaway is worth picking up. Not only does it mill three cards upon entering the battlefield, but the two-drop also provides an early game defense with 1/3 stats and has Disturb for when it dies or gets tossed into the graveyard. 

Covetous Castaway Backside Ghostly CastigatorCovetous Castaway Backside Ghostly Castigator

The backside of Covetous Castaway is Ghostly Castigator. For a Disturb cost of 3UU, the spirit is a 3/4 creature with Flying that mills three cards again upon entering the battlefield. 

Overwhelmed Archivist

Overwhelmed Archivist FrontsideOverwhelmed Archivist Frontside

Three-drop 3/2 creatures don’t excite Magic players. Overwhelmed Archivist works in MID Limited because it draws a card and lets a player discard a card upon entering the battlefield. In a graveyard and reanimation build, the ability has tons of value. 

Overwhelmed Archivist Backside Archive HauntOverwhelmed Archivist Backside Archive Haunt

The human wizard also has its own Disturb cost of 3U that returns it as Archive Haunt, a spirit with 2/1 stats and Flying. Upon entering the battlefield, it also draws a card and for discarding a card, keeping the self-mill engine going. 

Phantom Carriage 

Phantom Carriage Phantom Carriage

Phantom Carriage is the Blue Uncommon finisher. Six mana for a 4/4 creature with Flying is solid. The Spirit also has a player search their library as an ETB for a card with Flashback or Disturb that gets put into the graveyard. If Phantom Carriage can’t finish the job alone, the Flashback or Disturb card it tossed into the graveyard may provide the assistance needed. 

Falcon Abomination 

Falcon Abomination Falcon Abomination

Slotting nicely into the three-drop slot is Falcon Abomination. The zombie bird is a 2/2 creature with Flying that also creates a 2/2 zombie token with Decay. Falcon Abomination fuels sacrifice synergy while also being able to chip away at an opponent’s life. 

Drownyard Amalgam

Drownyard AmalgamDrownyard Amalgam

Able to block large creatures, Drownyard Amalgam is a solid five-drop with 3/6 stats. The zombie horror provides additional value via milling three cards as an ETB, along with a 2U mana sink cost that prevents Drownyard Amalgam from getting blocked that turn. It’s a good backup finisher card in Blue that can also help stall with its defense of six and ability to mill for a potent Flashback or Decayed spell. 

Players can start drafting MID with the digital release scheduled to take place via Magic Online and MTG Arena on Sept.16. Prerelease events (MID Limited Sealed) start on Sept. 17 and a global launch will take place on Sept. 24.

All images via WotC, Magic: The Gathering.

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