Best Green Draft low-rarity MTG cards in The Brothers’ War

Power out the biggest threats.

Burrowing Razormaw Boulderbranch Golem Epic Confrontation Bushwhack Audacity Argothian Opportunist

For players that want to cast the biggest, baddest Creatures and overwhelm the battlefield with imposing threats, Green is the go-to color in The Brothers’ War Limited.

Traditionally, Green is a color that prioritizes Creatures to win the game. They have efficient threats and some of the best top-end Creature finishers in the format. With keywords like reach and trample, Green can force the opponent into tricky combat situations. Another subtheme of Green is the ability to play from the graveyard. The color consistently is able to use self-mill abilities to gain benefits for having a populated graveyard.

These traditional gameplans are present in the Green archetypes in BRO Limited. The four main two-color archetypes that Green supports are:

  • Red/Green (RG): Stompy 
  • Green/White (GW): Artifacts and counters
  • Black/Green (BG): Graveyard matters
  • Green/Blue (GU): Powerstone ramp

Powerstones and big Creatures will be the key to winning games as a Green player. It’ll also be a solid support color for filling the graveyard and reanimating expensive Prototype cards. The core of Limited decks is lower rarity Common and Uncommon cards. These will make up the majority of the deck and make-or-break any strategy.

Here are the best lower rarity Green cards in BRO Draft and Sealed.

Best Green Draft low-rarity MTG cards in The Brothers War

Argothian Opportunist

Image via WotC

The Green and Blue deck is focused on powering out big-mana threats with the help of Powerstone tokens. Argothian Opportunist is a solid option at Common to help enable the gameplan. Its a 3/2 that creates a Powerstone when it enters the battlefield. Itll be a strong blocker that will trade in combat and helps you cast those expensive Artifact bombs within the set.


Image via WotC

Bushwhack is a one-mana card that is strong at any point in the game. The card is able to get a basic land into your hand, helping fix your colors and enabling the potential for splashing. When that ability is irrelevant, Bushwhack can be a removal spell. A cheap, one-mana fight spell is usually playable in most Green decks. It wont ever be a completely dead card in your hand and thats whats important in modern Limited.


Image via WotC

Auras in BRO are better than most sets. The main problem with Auras is that they give the opponent a natural two-for-one when the Creature it’s attached to is removed. This hurts a lot when it happens, but Auras in this format usually provide value on the way out. Audacity will draw a card when it is destroyed. Thats enough to mitigate the two-for-one disadvantage. Giving a Creature +2/+0 and trample is a huge benefit that will force the opponent into tough decisions on whether to trade in combat or not. 

Epic Confrontation

Image via WotC

At Common, the Green removal slot doesnt get much better than Epic Confrontation. It gives a Creature +1/+2 and has it fight another target Creature. The toughness boost will help your Creature survive the fight, leaving you up in the exchange. The card is a Sorcery, but for how powerful it is thats a fine downside. If the format ends up being slower than Epic Confrontation gets better because Sorcery speed wont be a major tempo hit.

Boulderbranch Golem

Image via WotC

Green supports a ramp strategy, but if theres no expensive threat to play then why accumulate all that mana? Boulderbranch Golem is a solid Common finisher thatll help the Green deck go over the top of the opponent. This seven-mana 6/5 enters the battlefield and gains you life equal to its power. Gaining six life will stabilize the game and turn the tables on an aggressive opponent. For four mana, Boulderbranch Golem can enter the battlefield as a 3/3. This mode will be solid if you need an early battlefield presence to alleviate any pressure thats being applied. Gaining three life is still a nice upside, too.

Burrowing Razormaw

Image via WotC

Burrowing Razormaw has an aggressive 4/2 body that encourages you to trade in combat. When it dies you mill four cards. This is a great Common way to fill up the graveyard while having a battlefield presence. Be comfortable with attacking or blocking aggressively and force the opponent to lose their game pieces. In a Green deck that wants to play out of the graveyard, youll come out on top every time when Burrowing Razormaw dies in combat.

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