Best Corner Standing Desks

No space, no problem.

Standing desks are becoming more popular as more people work from home because of their health benefits. Sitting at a desk the whole day slows down the body’s metabolism and can cause back or neck strain. Standing promotes better posture and increases metabolism, especially when paired with the correct standing desk mats, chairs, and other accessories. If you already have a regular desk and don’t want to switch, it’s worth getting a standing desk converter with the same benefits.

There are many small standing desks available, but most can’t fit in tight corners. Corner standing desks are rare, and there are only a handful of options available on the market, so some buyers get L-shaped alternatives. True corner standing desks have a V-shape with the user sitting in the center and having amounts of space on either side. L-shaped alternatives have a similar shape, but the user doesn’t sit in the center and generally uses the desk’s length as their workspace.

Best overall corner standing desk

FEZIBO L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

The Fezibo L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk has alloy steel legs and a reversible particle board surface that can swap around to suit left or right-handed users. Its 55 by 24-inch (140 by 61 centimeter) size is ideal for most users without taking up too much space.

This standing desk has an electric lift system that makes height adjustment a breeze, and there are three presets to choose from. It also has a 155-pound weight capacity to handle most setups and lockable castors to move it around to save space. Fezibo includes a few handy features like a pair of desk hooks to hold headsets or laptop cases and a cable management tray to hide all the wiring.

For $349.99, buyers get adequate space and electric height adjustment to make life easier. Fezibo’s L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk is also easy to move around thanks to the castors, but its weight capacity isn’t as high as some rivals and might not be enough for heavier equipment.

Best space corner standing desk

Adask L-Shaped Adjustable Desk

Buyers who need the most space possible for their work might consider Adask’s L-Shaped Adjustable Desk. It has the same shape as the Fezibo option, but it has a much bigger surface area of 70.8 by 29.5-inches (180 by 75 centimeters), making it ideal for multi-display setups.

Despite its massive size, the Adask is easy to adjust with the three-motor electric system, and it can move between 23.82 and 49.41 inches (61 and 126 centimeters) at the touch of a button. The Adask desk also has a massive 107 pound ( 48,5 kg) weight capacity and comes with many accessories like a phone stand, coaster, and desk mat.

There’s no doubt that the Adask’s $699.99 is prohibitive and might be out of reach for many users. That said, it’s still one of the best corner standing desk options…if you have the space for it.

Best value corner standing desk

BANTI 55 Inches L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

Image: Banti via Amazon

The Banti 55 Inches L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk looks similar to the Fezibo desk, but it has a couple of differences to make it stand out. It has the same 55 by 24-inch (140 by 61 centimeter) workspace, but its 176 pounds (80 kg) weight capacity is much higher and is better for users with heavier equipment.

Banti’s 55-inch desk comes in either black or white and can adjust between 27.6 to 47.3 inches ( 70 to 120 centimeters) with its electric motor and touchscreen. Like the Fezibo option, it ships with a pair of headset hooks and a cable management tray.

Another key difference between the two corner standing desks is their price. The Banti is cheaper at $307.49 despite its higher weight capacity, and it offers outstanding value for buyers looking for a good deal.

Best low-space corner standing desk

FEZIBO Dual Motor L Shaped Electric Standing Desk

Fezibo Dual Motor L Shaped Electric Standing Desk is a true corner desk that’s perfect for smaller homes and offices with tight space. Compared to the other standing desks mentioned so far, it’s also available with the most color options, including White, Bamboo, Black, and Rustic Brown.

Although it has a smaller, 48-inch surface area, this desk can match its larger rivals in many areas. It has the same 176 pounds (80 kg) weight capacity as the Banti 55-inch desk and the same height adjustment of 27.6 to 47.3 inches. The convenience features like the headset hooks and cable management tray also carry over and make the desk more user-friendly.

The Fezibo 48-inch corner standing desk is best for smaller areas because of its limited workspace. While its $379.99 price tag may seem high, it’s worth it considering it can match the features of its bigger competition.

Best budget corner standing desk

L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

The L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk is a more affordable option than the Fezibo 48-inch desk despite having similar features. It has the same size and shape, but it’s only available in black, and buyers looking for other colors should look elsewhere.

Most of the features on this desk are identical to the Fezibo option, including its 27.6 to 47.3 inches electric height adjustment with three presets and the included headset hooks. The main difference between them is that the L-Shaped desk has a higher, 220 pounds (100 kg) weight limit more suited to heavier cases and monitors.

At $285.99, the L-shaped standing desk is the most affordable on this list, and it’s easy to forgive its single color option because of its other features. It also matches the functionality of more expensive options while having a superior weight capacity.

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