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Best colorless Limited Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Artifacts

Spooky Artifacts may have value within the MID Limited meta.

Images via WotC, Magic: The Gathering

There are only eight total colorless Artifacts within the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt set, and a few are worth picking up in Limited Draft. 

Artifacts often get slotted into sideboards within the Limited format or are overlooked altogether. The Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (MID) meta may elevate several of the colorless cards due to graveyard hate, mana fixing for archetypes running three or more colors, and synergy with the new Daybound/Nightbound mechanic. 

None of these colorless Artifacts are first picks, but there are a total of five that stand out as playable within certain builds. From a transforming Artifact to pumpkin mana fixer, here are the best MID Limited colorless Artifacts.  

The Celestus

The CelestusThe Celestus

Hardly a first pick Rare, The Celestus has potential within the RG, RW, and UR archetypes. Werewolf Red and Green builds can use the legendary Artifact to force “night” and “day”. And the spells matter archetype of Blue and Red will gain an advantage from The Celestus as a card draw engine and its synergy with Vadrik, Astral Archmage.

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Red and White is the archetype that can take full advantage of The Celestus. Cards like Sunrise Cavalier, an Aggro beatdown creature, can scale with the Artifact switching it from “day” to “night,” while Gavony Dawnguard digs four deep for card advantage. Brimstone Vandal pings an opponent for one damage each time it shifts from “day” to “night” as well. 

Mystic Skull

Mystic SkullMystic Skull

Archetypes slashing cards will want Mystic Skull, a two-drop that adds one mana of any color by tapping and paying a cost of one mana. The Artifact also slots nicely into multicolor builds that will want an alternative win-con as Mystic Skull transforms into Mystic Monstrosity at the cost of five mana.

Mystic Monstrosity backside of Mystic SkullMystic Monstrosity backside of Mystic Skull

Upon transforming, Mystic Monstrosity is a 5/6 construct that lets all lands you control tap to add one mana of any color. It’s a solid mana fixer with a large creature, and definitely worth a top pick in MID Draft if playing three or more colors. 



Graveyard hate and card draw elevate the one-drop Jack-o’-Lantern Common colorless into a solid card within the MID Limited meta. As an added bonus, the Artifact can add one mana of any color upon being exiled from your graveyard for a cost of only one mana. 

Silver Bolt

Silver BoltSilver Bolt

Silver bolt is a one-drop Artifact that can ping a target creature for three damage. The cost is three mana, tap, and sacrifice for the damage, which is feasible when comparing it to other spells that hit for three damage. Silver Bolt has an added bonus as well that destroys the target hit with three damage if it’s a werewolf.

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Crossroads Candleguide

Crossroads CandleguideCrossroads Candleguide

Crossroads Candleguide is a good graveyard hate MID Artifact, exiling a card from any graveyard upon entering the battlefield. It can also add one color of any mana for a cost of two mana, providing late-game mana fixing for that overpowered card you wanted to splash. 

All images via WotC, Magic: The Gathering.

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