Benjyfishy to compete in VALORANT Challengers against former world champions after leaving NRG

There's no going back now.

After leaving NRG and entering free agency to further pursue his goal of competing in professional VALORANT, former Fortnite superstar Benjy benjyfishy Fish has signed on with Enterprise Esports to compete with its roster in the upcoming VALORANT Challengers League East: Surge split beginning in January.

Enterprise, a Czech-Slovakian organization running with a primarily Czech roster, officially announced Benjyfishy as a roster addition for VCL East: Surge today after a successful warmup event at Grunex Challenge No. 2 over the past weekend.

Enterprise won that event with three straight 2-0 victories. Benjyfishy played well as Killjoy and Viper but primarily played support to teammates Minny and aelxiiik, who both had tremendous showings.

The deal between benjyfishy and Enterprise doesn’t appear to be long-term and is likely just for the VCL East: Surge season, but this could be altered depending on the team’s results.

Enterprise was the first announced participant for the VCL East: Surge split, which will feature teams from Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, and Greece, among other countries. Another notable name in the VCL East: Surge split will be Acend, the first VALORANT world champions, though they likely won’t be competing with any of the players that lifted the trophy in Berlin in 2021. B8 Esports, the org created by Dota 2 legend Dendi, will also be competing, but like Acend, it does not have an official roster announced yet.

Benjyfishy and Enterprise will compete in an eight-team round-robin regular season, which will give way to a four-team double-elimination playoff bracket. That season is set to officially begin on Jan. 12, 2023. The best teams from each of the regional Challengers Leagues will compete in the Ascension tournament in July, where the winner will earn a two-year promotion to the VCT EMEA league.

This represents the next step in a months-long journey for Benjyfishy, who left behind competitive Fortnite back in June of this year to pursue VALORANT and doubled down on his pro pursuits months later. He officially left NRG to pursue VALORANT free agent offers last week.

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