Bel’Veth’s ban rate continues to creep higher in League despite early nerfs to Void Queen

The Empress of the Void is still running rampant in Summoner's Rift.

Sometimes a few nerfs are all it takes to lower a champion’s pick and ban rate in League of Legends, but that’s hasn’t been case for Bel’Veth.

The Empress of the Void was targeted with the nerf hammer in Patch 12.12b, which went on June 30. Though, despite the nerfs, the champion records the highest ban rate in the game in the Platinum division and above with an astonishing 67.5 percent, according to U.GG. The second champion on the list is Yuumi, who has a 36.7 percent ban rate.

Bel’Veth also has a high win and pick rate, with the former being 51.24 percent, and the latter being 8.4 percent. That being said, her current ban rate dropped ever so slightly following the recent nerfs. On June 28, she accumulated a 71.18 percent ban rate, according to

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In Patch 12.12b, Bel’Veth received nerfs to two of her abilities and her basic stats. She now has a 1.7 AD growth instead of two, and her health growth has decreased from 105 to 99. Royal Maelstrom received a nerf to its cooldown, and its lifesteal was tweaked as well. Her ultimate, on the other hand, was hit with a lower bonus health ratio.

It appears that these nerfs weren’t enough to contain the champion, but the Riot devs will also certainly make additional changes in Patch 12,13, which is scheduled to go live on Wednesday, July 13. The full details about the next update, however, remain to be seen.

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