Bel’Veth to receive changes targeting her low Elo state in League Patch 12.12

The Empress of the Void is oppressing low-Elo players too aggressively.

League of Legends newest champion, BelVeth, has had a rather slight impact on the meta in most Elos. But for players in low Elo, seeing her in a team composition can dictate the way the game will progress from the pick/ban phase on.

Riot August, the lead champion designer for League, provided players with a detailed list of changes for BelVeth expected to ship to the live servers in Patch 12.12. These changes are specifically targeting her viability at low Elo but will likely influence her win rate across all ranks.

These changes serve as a mix of buffs and nerfs for the Empress of the Void, taking away a bit of her power in her abilities and giving her more pressure with her basic attacks. BelVeths basic attack range will be drastically increased, with decreased HP regeneration to compensate. Her passive will also now grant her stacks off of large minions, but with decreased value.

The only change to BelVeths Q is a bug fix that would grant her R more damage. Her E has been the main cause of concern for players in low Elo due to how much damage it can deal to players unaware of its effects. Therefore, its damage will be decreased slightly.

BelVeths R is the recipient of the most changes, all of them being nerfs. These changes clearly depict that Riot is worried about the state of BelVeths empowered form, which she takes control of when consuming Void Coral. The explosion for consuming a Void Coral now deals less missing health damage, it grants her less basic attack range in her empowered form, and the Void Remora spawned now have less health. 

Players can expect League Patch 12.12 to release on June 22. Further details regarding yesterdays patch preview are expected to be revealed later today.

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